How much pressure is created by the Whiskey Pump?

The Whiskey Pump creates over 100psi.


What type of wood are the disks made of?

The included wooden disks are made from a proprietary wood species. The wood species, diameter, and thickness were carefully optimized to maximize the effects of the Whiskey Pump.


Can I run other spirits through the Whiskey Pump?

Yes, any spirit can be pressed through the whiskey pump. Even wine can be used in the whiskey pump. Note that low proof spirits like wine can lead to mold growth if left inside of the pump. ALWAYS rinse the pump with water if you decide to pump wine. Also note that the wooden disks are not re-usable after wine is filtered through them due to the risk of mold growth.


Are the wooden disks re-usable?

Yes, the wooden disks can be re-used when 80 proof or higher liquor is used. Low proof spirits like wine can lead to mold growth and the wooden filters should not be re-used if wine is pressed through them.